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Welcome to The Carnegie Health & Wellness Center

The Carnegie Health and Wellness Center is a chiropractic office dedicated to helping their patients live the highest achievable level of personal health. Whether it be an acute injury, accident or chronic problem, Dr. Thuransky is ready to help. His goal is to assist and educate his patients, on what they can do, to recover back to the highest achievable level of health. 

Message from Dr. Thuransky
The general public is starting to recognize the effectiveness of alternative medicine's approach to health, which blends body and mind, science and experience, and traditional means of diagnosis and treatment. Here at the Carnegie Health and Wellness Center we incorporate years of experience in holistic avenues such as: Chiropractic, Acupressure, Clinical Nutrition, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Strength Training, Chinese Medicine, and Physiotherapy. When all of these tools are used in conjunction with the standard methods of diagnosis developed in the art of healing, one has a greater ability to understand a patient's health problem. By keeping the body free from sublaxations and living a sensible, wellness-oriented lifestyle, we can help enhance the body's natural restorative powers. It would be our pleasure to address any concern at the Carnegie Health and Wellness Center.

                                                                    Dr. Mike Thuransky

Please Note that we have moved 5 doors down from our original location to 8 East Main Street! Same block, same side of street, closer to the bridge.